Dealing with Grief and Loss


People react to grief and loss differently.   If you don’t know what you are experiencing at this time; you will not be able to deal with it properly.   A good example is the events that occurred in Ami Shroyer’s life.   She is a renowned singer, song writer, minister, and speaker, who suffered the loss of her husband.   Most of us suffer great losses, but we rarely are prepared to deal with the loss and its accompanying grief.   It will be better for all of us if we knew what to do.

Christian believe that all power comes from God.   They, therefore, trust that grief and loss is part of His plans.   They believe that it was not by chance for it to occur.  It is important to express your thoughts to a loved one or close friend.   By describing your feelings, the mind makes a better image of what is happening.

There are those who will attempt to put off showing their emotional reaction to the loss.   This is not recommended.   Only through grieving will you get to the stage of recovery.   It is not wise to live with so much stress from the grief.

Grieving is not something to do halfway if you are to remain healthy.   Interference with the process results in prolonged pain.   It will be good for your body not to have to start such a process all over again. This is a process that should not be rushed.   Healing is a long process.   It does not benefit anyone to let it take longer than is necessary.   One may end up getting stuck in that state.   At the first sign of trouble, seek psychological help. Check out to understand more about essential oils.

You can opt to join ami shroyer singer group.   When you congregate with fellow sufferers, you can encourage each other and talk about what you are going through with people who understand.

It is good to take breaks between the process by mingling with other people, or visiting new places.   It will provide relief, even if temporary, from the pain and suffering the loss keeps bringing up.

While you are going through the overmedication grieving process, have a close friend to closely monitor your progress.   You need another person to make sure you do not break down halfway.

To help break it down, and not get pushed too far by thoughts of tomorrow, practice taking it day by day.   There is no need to bear so much anxiety at this stage in life.   Burying the ghosts of the past will leave a clean slate for the future.

Reminders may plunge you into sadness past.   Be prepared for this.   That is part of the process.   You will get past that too.

It is good to keep in mind the fact that life was still there before this tragedy.   As much as it is important to grieve, life still goes on and will not stop to allow you enough time to grieve.


Getting The Best Out Of Your Singing Lessons

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Singing lessons whether you believe it or not are extremely useful especially for those who have a passion for singing and want to further improve their vocal techniques, overall pitch as well as rhythm. There are some singing students on the other hand who might be overwhelmed when attending singing lessons and may not be able to know how they could make the most of their time with the instructor or vocal coach.

If you are really serious in your singing lessons, then see to it that you have read and understood the grief and loss tips below.

Tip number 1. Find a good and reliable vocal coach – for the vocal lessons to be useful in developing your voice, you’ll need a vocal coach who is experienced and can diagnose your voice and devise vocal exercises that can improve your singing. For example, you may need to focus on exercises that would strengthen your chest, more rhythm or pitching training or even the basics of pronunciation and diction. It is your vocal coach who can tell you what you exactly need, which is why it’s important that they have to be experienced. Know about ami shroyer speaker here!

Tip number 2. Come prepared for every lesson – as a matter of fact, every singing lesson you take is a big opportunity to talk to the instructor and learn as many things as possible at the same time. Having said that, it is imperative that you always come prepared with things that you want to clarify or ask questions that you’re simply curious to know about.

As you do so, it is giving your instructor the queue that you are really motivated in improving your skills, thus, be inclined in teaching you more everything that he/she knows.

Tip number 3. Practice makes perfect – whatever your vocal coach has taught you in the singing lesson, be sure to practice it even when you are not in the studio. Being able to learn how to sing is synonymous to knowing how to play a musical instrument. Like with musical instruments, it requires you to practice consistently to further improve your skills, which is pretty much the same with singing. For more details about essential oils, visit

Tip number 4. Patience – it takes effort and time as well to know how to sing and this is something that doesn’t happen overnight. Even professional and successful singers in the music industry are taking signing lessons regularly whether you believe it or not; they are doing this to ensure that their voice is in top form and to enhance their vocal technique as well.

Tip number 5. Enjoy everything – the easiest way of learning how to sing fast is just to enjoy everything that is happening to you. Seeing things this way will make every lesson more like a game.

The Importance Of Essential Oil In Coping With Grief And Loss


There is a wide array of plants that are being given to us by nature. There is a soothing oil which is sweet and aromatic that is being produced by these plants. In fact, you will be able to find in the market a specific essential oil that is being produced by one kind of plant. Indeed, essential oils are getting popular among human beings these days.

There are several people who have benefited a lot with the existence of essential oils in the market. The main reason for this is the healing that can be made by dealing with grief essential oils for various diseases. Due to the healing process that can be given by essential oils, they keep on getting popular in various parts of the world. For instance that you wish to utilize essential oils for the grief and loss that you are feeling, it is best for you to use it regularly. Use them regularly if you are planning to take the benefits that are being provided by them. On the other hand, if you have not used the oil properly, there is no need to be troubled because it is still fine. The oil won’t be damaged even if it is left unused.

It is indeed perfect to utilize essential oils in coping with grief and loss. On the other flip side, if you are planning to let your children use essential oil but they don’t like it, the best thing that you can do is to mix the oil with the water. You can put a drop of the oil in your children’s water and let them drink the water all day. Through this, there is a chance for them to get the benefits of the essential oil.

We can’t deny the fact that at these present times, there are various ailments brought by stress. Stress can be experienced through the grief and loss that you are facing at the moment. But then, there is no need to be worried because stress can basically be cured by an essential oil. You have an ideal remedy so as not to complicate your diseases because of the stress that your body has acquired. Check out to know more about essential oils.

Aside from that, there is a spiritual influence that can be brought to you by essential oil. It would be easy for an individual to be positive, enthusiastic and beautiful because of the aroma and gentle effect that can be contributed to the mind and body of the person. All the positivities in life that are being provided by the creator will be thought and appreciated by the person because every negativity in the system will be removed.

Ways Anybody Can Employ in Dealing with Death

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Each one of us will definitely experience or undergo grief in our families. It’s inevitable. Grief and loss is a topic that rarely strikes our minds despite it being a part of us, but we try as much as we can to not think about it. Some may reason that we are afraid of death.

Find below some pointers that people who are grieving might use to cope up with their grief and loss. Ami Shroyer who is a well-known artist has acknowledged that they helped her in going through her loss.


All of us are different on how we deal with grief and loss. Ami Shroyer writes in her songs of the significance of crying to deal with the pain of losing a loved one. You will always feel better afterwards.

Spend Some Time with Your Loved Ones

It does help to be with your family after the death of a dear one because you get to reminisce your loved ones and the good times you had before he or she passed on.

Get Preoccupied

Keep yourself busy. Don’t dwell on the loss. Your loved one is gone and you cannot bring him or her back by forgetting your priorities and ruining your health. For more info about essential oils, visit

Find an Activity to Express Your Grief

Aside from crying, you should find a creative way that can help you express yourself in channelling your grief through creativity. For Ami Shroyer, she found the beauty of expressing her grief through singing and writing uplifting songs which help people dealing with the loss of a loved one. You should also do the same in your own creative way.

Surround Yourself with Friends

You should keep your friends whom you can talk to about anything close during these trying times. Sharing that experience that is painful and talking about different things could help you in forgetting the pain for a while rather than dwelling on it.

Talk with People Who Have Undergone the Same Experience

Find motivational speakers that have already gone through this experience of losing a loved one like Ami Shroyer. Ami shroyer through her songs says that this approach helps a lot in moving on from the loss of your loved one or partner. This also helps one to understand that it is normal and a part of life.


Praying during these trying times is among the ways that will help you cope with your grief. We become at peace with the fact that our loved one is with our Lord Almighty.  Buy essential oil wholeness here!

Keep in mind that they only die in body but not in soul, as written in the Bible. Be hopeful that you will meet again with your dear one that passed on, very soon.

Healing With Essential Oils

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Life can be very difficult and there are times when we feel hopeless. No one is exempted when it comes to pain, grief, and loss. Even if we try our very best to make good and flawless decisions, we still stumble. The truth is, we all need to have hope and inspiration to move on and be happy even though life is often times sad and disappointing. We need to hear good music and lovely hymns. Indeed, there are many ways in which we can feel better and more relaxed. You can actually find hundreds, if not thousands of spiritual blogs or online articles out there that talks about life and how to live a more peaceful and relaxed life. You can also find a lot of individuals today who share their stories, lessons, and experiences in life. Take the time to read forums and try to listen to the advice of other people.

Although there are many blogs or articles today that can provide you tips on living a happier life, you need to be cautious. Again, you can listen to music or read the Scriptures to have a more relaxed life. You can also find dozens of different products sold on the Internet today that can help you feel better or more relaxed. Indeed, there are myriads of therapeutic products being sold today that can make you feel better. And one of the most popular therapeutic products being sold in the market today are essential oils. Essential oils are very popular all throughout the world and many people are using it for healing purposes. Learn about overmedication led to patient’s death here!

There are few important elements that you have to consider prior to purchasing essential oils. You must know that not every essential oil available on the Internet are therapeutic and can provide healing. Always check the credibility of the online store that sells essential oils before you buy one.  Check out to learn more about essential oils.

It is essential that you choose therapeutic products that promote good health and at the same time healing. Before purchasing essential oils, it is necessary that you check whether or not it is safe for the whole family. You are encouraged to read the label of the essential oil before you start using it. If you think that the essential oils contain harmful or toxic substances then it forget about it and find another product. When searching for essential oils, it is necessary that you check first whether or not the shop that sells it promotes wellness and healing. Know about ami shroyer song writer here!